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Lion Country Safari and Palm Beach County STEM Team Share WILD Virtual Fieldtrips




West Palm Beach, FL –Lion Country Safari has been working to support students, teachers and families working and learning remotely by sharing unique educational content with viewers. Over the last several years, Lion Country Safari and The School District of Palm Beach County have partnered together to provide high-quality true STEM virtual fieldtrips for the students in Palm Beach County. These virtual fieldtrips are now being shared with the public weekly through the park’s social media pages to enrich the online learning environment and provide additional fun and educational content.

Virtual fieldtrips created by Lion Country Safari through a partnership with the school district’s K-12 STEM, Division of Teaching and Learning team meet STEM standards to fit with state curriculum and bring a sense of adventure to lesson plans, both in and out of the classroom. Through these experiences, students and families can learn about many of the 90 species that call Lion Country Safari home as well as their natural habitats and how students can help to save them. Kristyn Kelley, Lion Country Safari’s Education and Outreach Manager, shared, “Education and conservation are key components of our mission. We believe strongly in providing students with unique and engaging opportunities to enrich the learning environment and to inspire the next generation of leaders. We are so appreciative of our great partnership with the school district and how it allows us to reach so many students.”

Viewers can find Lion Country Safari’s virtual fieldtrips on their Facebook and YouTube pages and through the School District’s archived virtual fieldtrip sessions:



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